I entered the field of massage therapy on a hunch, at a pivotal point in my own life, but it didn’t take long for me to discover a deep curiosity and fascination for the human body.  Over these nearly two decades, I’ve studied deep tissue therapies, myofascial techniques and structural integration. In the past few years, my studies have turned towards the expanding and evolving science of chronic pain. I strive to further my understanding of the impacts of chronic pain on my clients’ lives and to find ways to help them manage it while allowing them to engage more fully in life.  As my approaches have evolved over the years, my passion for sharing the science and art of therapeutic massage has only grown stronger.  


The focus of my work today, is attention.  Attention to what you tell me you want from your massage.  Attention to your subtle reactions to the pressure and rhythm.  This attention allows me to apply these different modalities and techniques in the ways that best meet your personal needs. 

Michele Meulendyk, LMT